Alta – A Skier’s Mountain

An experienced financial advisor, Giro M. Maddaluna holds series 7 and 63 licenses from the FINRA. In his free time, Giro Maddaluna enjoys downhill skiing and has tackled several mountains in Utah, including Alta.

Since the 1938-1939 winter season, Alta has been providing skiers with a winter getaway. The mountain was the first in Utah to install a ski lift, and over the years it has welcomed multiple generations of skiers to its slopes. Due to its wide diversity of terrain, and the fact it prohibits snowboarding and mechanized vehicles, Alta is often called a “skier’s mountain.” In fact, it stands out as one of only three ski areas in the United States with a prohibition on snowboarding.

Typical seasons on Alta run from November to April, during which it remains open every day. Over the 10,500-foot mountain’s 2,200 acres of skiable terrain, and down its more than 2,000-foot drop, it offers access to 116 ski runs, three-fifths of which are designed for intermediate skiers, with a quarter geared to beginners and about 35 percent to advanced skiers. Dedicated to accommodating all types of skiers, Alta maintains a number of different lifts, ranging from a moving conveyor to detachable quads.


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