Saving Money on a Trip to London

An experienced financial adviser and registered representative in New Jersey, Giro M. Maddaluna has more than a decade of experience in the financial sector. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Giro Maddaluna has traveled widely throughout the United States and has also visited London.

It’s well known that visiting London is a pricey experience. However, there are several ways that you can save money and still have a great London experience. Following are a few examples:

Visit Borough Market: one of the city’s largest food markets, Borough Market is often a cheaper option than dining at a restaurant. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best days for visiting, and the market is often full of food samples for you to fill up on.

Order an Oyster Card: if you still want to use public transportation, consider investing in a Visitor Oyster Card. This is about half as expensive as a one-day Travelcard or single tickets on public transport systems.

Get theatre tickets through TKTS: buying your tickets to a West End theatre show in Leicester Square at the TKTS booth can cut down the cost by up to 50 percent. The tickets sold at the booth are for that day and are a good alternative if you miss buying in advance.

Buy a London Pass: the London Pass grants you free entry to over 60 attractions in the city, including the Tower of London and London Bridge. If you aren’t interested in a lot of sightseeing, you can easily find discounts for single ticketed sights online.