Having Trouble Putting? Check out These Tips


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Putting Tips
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When not at work in the financial sector, Giro M. Maddaluna likes to stay active through activities like skiing and golf. Golfers like Giro Maddaluna need to have both solid putting and driving skills to succeed at the sport.

Putting is one of the most difficult skills to cultivate in golf, and even experienced golfers face several issues on the final approach. According to a Pinehurst Golf Academy study, almost two-thirds of golfers under-read the break and end up wasting strokes. They also often suffer from poor intuition regarding depth, assuming the hole is much closer than it actually is.

Another common problem is reading putts from the wrong direction. When putting downhill, golfers should assess the putt from behind the hole. When putting uphill, they should switch to reading from behind the ball. This minimizes the effect of the slope itself on the assessment. By following these tips, golfers can minimize both mental and physical distortions when putting and rapidly improve their scores once they reach the green.


Basic Tips for Cross Country Skiers

An insurance planning services provider and financial adviser based in New Jersey, Giro Maddaluna has more than five years of experience in the industry. During his free time, Giro M Maddaluna is an active outdoorsman whose hobbies range from golfing to skiing.

Often a more leisurely experience than downhill skiing, cross-country (or Nordic) skiing can be more of an endurance sport due to the significant distances gained during a single trip. Whether you’re an experienced skier or it’s your first time on the snow, there are several things to keep in mind when hitting the trails.

As with any exercise, it’s important to stretch your muscles before heading out on a cross-country ski journey. By stretching, muscles are properly warmed up and you’re less likely to hurt yourself. When dressing for your day out, consider wearing light layers of moisture-wicking clothes and choose fleece instead of cotton, which can trap body heat.

When choosing an area to cross-country ski, beginners should focus on flat, well-groomed trails. Skiers should also be mindful of common errors in form, including using the poles for support instead of propulsion and not following through on the kick and glide of the stride, among others.